Impact of games on society

Many educational establishments that have course on computer game design and development have assignments based on game theory. One of the key questions asked when studying game theory is to investigate the impact that computer games have has on individuals and society. This is a widely discussed topic an there is lots of research in this area. However, it is sometimes difficult to hone in on this topic and answer the question by finding very specific references to how games have effected both individuals and society.

impact of computer games on society

Some of the people completing assignments such as these may be directly impacted by gaming and the effect that it has on their own study time. Gaming does have a negative effect on students if they spend too much time on game and do not devote the same level of attention to their studies.

Another area that should be considered when discussing the impact of computer games on society is the direct impact that gaming has on social communication. Gamers spending hours on end playing MMO games do not develop social skills by interacting socially. This can be argued by the fact that many gamers are involved in online communities and consider their bets friends to be those that they play against online. However, unless they are chatting to each other on skype, it could be seen that web chat could not be seen as a good way of developing social skills.

There are also many benefits of computer games and the impact that they have had on individuals and society. One example would be how games have helped improve hand-eye coordination. Examples include how games have helped surgeons develop skills that they can use in practice and studies show that surgeons who are gamers have better hand-eye coordination than those who don’t play games. Other positives are the affect that games have had on brain training and thinking skills. By playing games individuals and society have developed logical thinking skills that will help them resolve problems by learning how to think to overcome problems and challenges that they face.

When researching this area, it is a very open spectrum and you may find many areas that are yet untapped where you can look at how gaming has effected society over the last 15 to 20 years.